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Loss and the Internet

I’ve been chipping away at a long term project exploring death/loss and the internet. From web-connected spirits boards to found-sound compositions using donated archives of people’s home recordings.

As part of this I created a set of three tiny games (so far) which touch on the ideas of grief and memory within digital spaces. Each one plays with a different aspect of, or way of processing, loss. In addition to the themes tying the games together, the musical score has been written as an overarching piece that threads together all three interactions.

All three are free to play online.

Cemetery Walk is the first in the series, and serves as a good introduction to the set.

Train is the second game. Taking place in a similarly constructed world, though a different, less immediate setting.

The third game serves as a sort of conclusion and a reflection of the first two. Tamagotchi Seance gives you an opportunity to talk to your long lost digital pet.


Text Games


Once Upon a Tide – Poetry in Translation / Hypertext Remix

J.R. Carpenter‘s Once Upon a Tide is a text piece – part narrative, part instructional document – that started in the digital space. Recently a printed iteration was published by Penned in the Margins. This is a translation/remix back into a digital format.

In J.R. Carpenter’s original, the reader/participant is allowed a series of controls at the end of each reading to speed up, slow down, or shift the text. In this remix the controls are presented, but held out of reach, pressed frantically by the writing itself.


Remembrance House is an interactive fiction game exploring the shifting boundary between memory and dream. The game is based on the original performance by Aki Schilz and Nick Murray. Written and devised for CamaradeFest II at Rich Mix (25/10/14), the performance was a game for two players that unveiled different texts as rooms of a house were explored, and charted on a grid.