FANFANZINEZINE – A fanzine fanzine
A Document/Performance/Publication about Fandom

Fans are archivists and obsessives. Ticket stubs, tattoos, scars, stories. Fans are the performance.

FANFANZINEZINE is live improvised publication exploring and documenting the notion of the fan as focal point. Around any cultural phenomenon, the fan exists as the primary archivist: archivism is a performance. The physical ephemera of fandom exist as a document of that performance, and for Fan Riot we want to recreate both the document and the performance.


Inviting audience members to bring their own instances of fandom, either verbally or tangibly, FFZZ took shape as an instant document charting those events. By creating a physical document within the same time as the Hail Hail Hail Party Hail performance event, FFZZ kept the same constraints as its sister performance, while producing and distributing an archival piece that exemplified both the night itself and the moments of fandom that led to its creation. Images, objects and histories were collected to become part of FANFANZINEZINE.

A selection of images from the zine are found here.