Cassette Covers (part 1)

An ongoing side-project of mine is a series of cassette covers that loosely illustrate ideas of loss in the modern age. Here are a few.



Hackoustic Feature in Electronic Sound Magazine

For our Hackoustic Village on November 2017 we were featured in the December issue of Electronic Sound.

It’s a lovely write-up by one of Electronic Sound’s editors who came along to the festival. The article continues for another couple of pages, so grab an issue if you want to keep reading. (My face is free, of course.)

Animations out of Performances

Often, when thinking about music I’m making for performances, I’ll make little gifs to illustrate the process. More for me than for the piece, but why not share.

Ania Gif.gif

This one is an altered snippet from a Polish folk dance at a community festival. I was working on the performance soundtrack for Ania Straczynska’s Grains, which premiered at Ignition Dance Festival.

when the flood comes.gif

These two were made during my semi-improvised performance as part of Karen Christopher’s Seven Falls piece.

we regret to inform you

The San Andreas Deer


Or, the deer that walked the city, when it was a city

If you’re into digital art, you’ve probably heard about the San Andreas Deer. Digital artist, Brian Watanabe, built a mod for GTA San Andreas in which a it creates a deer and then follows it. Assumedly “creates a deer” means “put into action all of the in-game rules that constitute ‘deer'”. The game already has deer as part of the digital wildlife, that act as you’d expect. There are two rules for the San Andreas Deer that don’t follow our idea of real world deer.
1) It is seemingly indestructible
2) It has the power to teleport

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As ardent Nick Murray fans (so, no one yet) will know, I have been exploring the relationship between communication loss and sonic object-artifacts. In less floofy wording, I’ve been playing with cassette tapes. It’s been hugely interesting and finally I’ll be presenting a little of what I’ve uncovered at the upcoming Hackoustic event.

If you’re into sound art, new instruments, experimental music, or anything of that ilk, please do come on down. It’s on March 24th at Iklektik. Tickets here.