Now Play This Festival – Matheson Marcault [Somerset House] (2018)
Assistant Producer

Grains – Ania Straczynska [The Place] (2018)
Composer & Sound Designer [Whorl Antler]

Hackoustic (2016 – present)
Marketing and Operations

Cemetery Walk (2017)

Train (2017)

Tamagotchi Seance (2017)

Duplicate – Byzantia Harlow [Chalton Gallery] (2017)
Sound Designer/Composer

Grains – Ania Straczynska [Rose Theatre] (2017)
Composer & Sound Designer [Whorl Antler]

Seven Falls – Karen Christopher (2017)
Sound Design/Performer

Chisenhale Dance Space (2014 -2017)
Administration and Operations Coordinator

FAN RIOT – Owen Parry (2016)

Penned in the Margins (2011 – 2014)
Research and Production Assistant

Annexe Press (2011 – 2015)

The Shipwrecked House [touring live literature/theatrical production | Penned in the Margins & Claire Trévien (2014)
Production Assistant and Stage Manager

Negative Capability [touring live literature production | Penned in the Margins, Hannah Silva, Simon Barraclough, Inua Ellams & Ross Sutherland] (2014)
Production Assistant and Stage Manager


Lives Beyond Us (Sidekick Books)
Inc. Zine #2 & #4
Belleville Park Pages #16
Litmus Magazine #1
Jawbreakers: A Collection of Flash Fictions

The Cadaverine
The Bohemyth
Number Eleven Magazine

Editing, typesetting and design
Other Countries: Contemporary Poets Rewiring History (Typeset and design)
Annexe Introducing series
Penning Perfumes Volume 2 (typeset and design)
Penning Perfumes Anthology (typeset and design)
XZ series
Mapping Poetry (design – poetic map)

Mount London: Ascents in the Vertical City (frontispiece)

Interrobang Festival
Et Al – spoken word show
Words on Cities
Annexe spoken word tent at LeeFest

Sabotage Reviews